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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a domain name?
On the internet, a domain name is the common way a specific web site is addressed.  A classic example of a domain name is “”.   Domain names are linked to people and only indirectly to a physical location. To establish a presence on the internet, the domain name must be linked to a physical location through the DNS (Domain Naming System). The DNS will translate the domain name to an IP Address (an example IP Address would be  The IP Address is what identifies a physical location (like a specific street address).  The owner of a domain name can move it from one IP Address to another by updating the DNS (if for instance you want to change your web hosting service).  KIS Solutions will do this for you initially and you will have an on-line tool to make any future changes yourself.  Of course, KIS Solutions can also do this for you on an on-going basis too.

Can Anyone register a domain name?
Yes, anyone is able to register for ownership of a domain name. It does not matter what country you are from.  Anyone can easily register  their own (.com, .net, .org, etc.) website address.

Does my domain name have to be unique?
Yes it must be unique in its full form.  For example, there can be only one “” in the internet world but there can be another , and another, and so on.  KIS Solutions can work with you to get you the domain name you desire.  Over a thousand new domain names are registered every day.

How much does domain registration cost?
Domain registration prices vary greatly.  At the time of this writing, domains could be registered for as little as $8.95US to over $40.00US per year.  Prices can vary even with identical services being provided. In fact, it is possible for some very expensive registrars to provide less service and features.  Research carefully.  KIS Solutions can help you with this.  The registrar KISS uses is less than $12.00 per year at this time and is not affiliated with KISS in any way.
How long does the domain registration process take?
Domain registration can be quick, normally takes about 2 or 3 minutes to complete.   Once you have registered and paid for your domain name you must input DNS information to link your domain name with your IP Address from your web host.  It usually takes less than 24 hours for the Internic name servers to be updated worldwide.  The process is incremental, you will be live in some areas almost immediately. 
After I register a domain name, do I own exclusive rights to use my domain name?
Yes, you own the rights to use the domain name for as long as the domain name is registered and renewed under your name.  However, you are responsible for making sure that registering the domain name will not interfere with any current laws pertaining to domain names and its use.   The Domain Registrar will help you here.

How do I know if a domain registration completed  successfully?
Check your domain status using WHOIS Lookup. The WHOIS search looks up the record in worldwide Internic domain registration database.  Appearance of your information however does not mean that your DNS information has been updated.  You do not even have to have a physical presence to reserve a domain name.

How do I change my domain information?
You can quickly update any contact or DNS information related to your domain name by using a Domain Manager that is typically provided by your Domain Registrar.

What other services are typically included in the fee from a domain registrar?
The following are very common with most domain registrations, however, check carefully before you sign up:
    -  Free domain forwarding / redirection
    -  Free URL Masking / Framing with Meta Tag Support
    -  Free managed DNS services (mx, ip, cname pointing)
Some Domain Registrars can also provide web hosting services.  This may be convenient but it is rarely the lowest cost or highest quality solution.

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