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Typical Service Charges & Warranty for PCs 
There is NO CHARGE if KISS cannot diagnose and repair the problem. There is a charge if the customer chooses not to allow KISS to perform the repair (see first two items below). Some services cannot be done on customer’s site due to need for special equipment, software or extended idle times. Customer must understand and agree that once diagnostics, let alone repairs, are started the PC may not be restorable to its exact “as received” condition. The following are estimated charges but will not be exceeded without specific pre-repair customer approval.
Basic Diagnostic without repair cost or if repair not authorized $15.00  [DIA1]

Advance Diagnostic without repair cost or if repair not authorized $35.00 [DIA2]

Virus and/or Malware Attack Recovery with or without a system restore $85.00 [VMRCV]

Restore System to factory original using customer supplied restore point
(disk or restore partition on hard drive). This may be done instead of or in addition to
performing the Attack Recovery above. $65.00 per drive  [RSTR]

Image restore from customer provided software and media. Customer must
agree to make harmless KISS Solutions for any potential copyright infringements. $55.00 per drive  [IMGRTR]

Hard drive migration. Customer must agree to make harmless KISS Solutions
for any potential copyright infringements. $55.00 per drive   [HDM]

System Tune-Up of fully functional PC $25.00  [STU1]

Image backup of hard drive - does not include hardware and/or software need $35.00 per drive  [IMGBU]

Install Software provided by customer, excluding assoc. hardware typically $30.00 per PC/Pkg  [SWI]

Install drive bay hardware or PCBs including drives and memory, excl software typically $40.00 per item  [HWI]

Install Plug and Play external units including printers, scanners, or drives, excl software typically $20.00 per item  [PNPI]

New computer system setup and/or verification $35.00  [NSS]

Create restore CD-DVDs for new system $19.95* from manufacturer process (*back-up media material extra)  [RDC]

Internal Unit Pressure Cleaning using special compressed gas designed for this
purpose 100% non-ozone depleting   $12.00  [PCLN]

Service calls, pickups and deliveries within 5 mile radius of Westmont (charges
for services performed additional)  $20.00  [SVCL]

Parts required for repair are charged at the cost to KISS plus $7.50 handling fee per purchase batch. [PHDG]

All diagnostic and repair work performed of directly supervised by an experienced degreed Electrical Engineer. These rates are subject to change without notice or publication.
Hardware repairs are warranted for the length of the manufacturer's warranty or one year whichever is less. KISS will not purchase for a customer OEM, refurbished or other special items that may have significantly inferior warranty without specific customer approval. Adjustments are warranted for at least 90 days provided no one else makes any further adjustments to the PC and no new software, updates or viruses have been installed on the PC that might affect the adjustment. Restitution for failure of installed software to perform on the PC resides totally with the Software manufacturer. KISS will warranty to proper installation and setup only. Refund on installed software is totally dependent on the return policy of the software seller to KISS. Please note that most software is not returnable and refund requests must be addressed to the software manufacturer.

Customer, in accepting service, agrees to hold harmless KIS Solutions for any copyright or license infringement that might result from the customer's specific instructions.

These charges, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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