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Typical Web Site Design Services and Approximate Costs 
• Site design costs depend on what you want - prices start at around $50.00 per page. Web hosting and domain registration are optional and extra cost (see below).  Click here for special turn-key overnight offer. 
•  Changes after your initial acceptance start at $15.00 per change depending on how extensive the changes are.  Uploading changed pages to your web host will be  included.  Each change will be quoted and price must  be accepted before any changes are implemented.  If KISS is not the host, you must provided FTP uploading information and access authorization.
• Web hosting may be done through KISS or a KISS affiliate and starts at around $4.00 per month ($50 per year) and includes at least 2,000 e-mail boxes.  Discounts available for “not-for-profit” corporations or “registered” charities.  You do not have to use KISS web hosting or email to use our design services.
• Domain registration may be done through a KISS affiliate and starts about $8.00 per year (varies with domain type).  You do not have to register your domain through KISS; however, you must be able to set the domain pointer (dns) yourself or authorize KISS to set it for you.
Web Site Design Notes
» Many of the above capabilities require continuous on-going support, such as for a Newsletter or Live Chat.  This support maybe available from KIS Solutions and will be quoted on a case-by case basis

» An upfront fee of $150.00 is required to begin the design process.  Until the final payment is received, KISS will own the website copyright.  As development progresses, your domain will be temporarily set up as a subdomain under a KISS domain name for viewing by anyone of your choosing over the internet (i.e.,  If you desire, this temporary site may be password secured.   This allows us to work together to view and critique your site as it evolves.  In some cases, depending on design complexity and development time an expanded, non-refundable progress payments may be required. 

» Until final acceptance of your site, the domain name will not be acquired.  Your domain will be temporarily set up as a subdomain under a KISS domain name for viewing by anyone of your choosing over the internet (i.e.,  If you desire, this temporary site may be password secured.  Your domain name will be acquired and transferred to you after your acceptance and payment (unless you provided a pre-registered name).  KISS cannot guarantee that the specific name you desire will be available.  Click here or the tab above for more information on domain names in the FAQs. 

» If you already have a web host, KISS can upload your web site to it one-time for no charge provided you provide full FTP access to your host.

» At this time, KISS does not develop complex Shopping Carts, On-Line Catalogs or complex databases.  Check with KISS to see if your needs are within current capabilities.
» If you do not accept the site after release, your upfront fees will be refunded, your website and email boxes will be taken down from the internet and neither you nor KISS will have any further obligations to the other.  After your acceptance and final payment, ownership will be transferred to you.   
Effective 04/30/2012
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Web Page design usually falls in one of four levels -
- Level 1 is the simplest design level and runs about $50.00 per page (All pages of this site are Level1)
- Level 2 is a moderately complicated design level and runs about $75.00 per page
- Level 3 is a very complicated design level and runs about $100.00 per page
- Level 4 is extreme complexity and quoted case-by-case

Added cost features (added to the per page level cost)
Creating animated gif from provided graphics  $60.00 per incidence (no charge for stock art)
Creating a Google compatible Site Map   $40.00
Creating a HTML Web Form for email delivery   $25.00* per incidence
Creating a Database Web Form for server storage starting at $60.00* per incidence
Additional charge for adding "Captcha" security to Web Form $25.00 per incidence
Creating a Standard Web Blog  starts at  $100.00* per incidence
Standard Web Access / Password Control   $50.00
Website User-Based Security Access starts at $75.00
Web Video Player   starts at $40.00 per incidence
Flash Insert  starts at $50.00 per incidence
Web Cam Interface Capability starts $75.00 per incidence
MP3 Juke Box  starts at $50.00 per incidence
Web Calendar  starts at $45.00 per incidence
Live Chat capability starts at $75.00 per incidence*
Flash Menu (i.e. sub menu capability) starts at $50.00 per incidence
Photo Gallery starts at $50.00 per incidence
Web Site Search capability starts at $60.00
Simple Shopping Cart starts at $100.00*

Standard Web Page Based E-Mail Newsletter
   (including e-mail list management capability)     $450.00* per incidence

Databases vary widely and contracted with third party developer programmers.

* Indicates that service requires a Web Host / Server capability to be available and may require additional costs to the Web Host Service or third party provider.