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A complete internet presence package from design start to internet presence OVERNIGHT* -- URL named, hosted, website released and email accounts active for only $395.00.
Design up tp a 4 page website
This site and are the baselines for this offer
Domain name (i.e.,
Registered for one year subject to availability. 
Click here for FAQ on domain names.
Web hosting service for one year
Including over 1,000 e-mail addresses, dedicated IP Address included, ftp access and more. 
Click here for details on web hosting.
* Content and Constraints …

• The site design must be basic (Flash Intros, pop-ups and Frames are not basic but can be added for extra cost and time).  We will select the initial base template after discussion with you and customize it for you.  If you do not like out template choice, we will work with you to select a new template after the initial release but before final acceptance.  However, this will not be part of the “overnight” release.  The final web site will be directly portable to any future web host of your choicewithout need for modification or redesign (unlike many other web site design and hosting services).
Until final acceptance of your site, the domain name will not be acquired.  Your domain will be temporarily set up as a subdomain under a KISS domain name for viewing by anyone of your choosing over the internet (i.e.,  If you desire, this temporary site may be password secured.  Your domain name will be acquired and transferred to you after your acceptance and payment (unless you provided a pre-registered name).  KISS cannot guarantee that the specific name you desire will be available.  Click here or the tab above for more information on domain names in the FAQs.  

• KISS, at its sole discretion, picks the domain registrar and web hosting company, however, you will become the owner/customer on both so you can take control of both.  You will be able to move the site to a new web host and/or domain registrar after you accept the final site without interference from KISS.

• If you want your logo used, it must be immediately available (or “overnight”  can not be assured) in either JPG, PNG or GIF format. No logo design is included in this offer; however, KISS can work with you and design a logo for an additional charge and time.

• One revision (up to a full redesign) after release but within the first 15 days of publication is included in this package.

• Artwork will be from the public domain.  Any specific artwork you want used must be immediately available in JPG, PNG or GIF format - you are responsible for copyright compliance.

• KISS has total artistic control of the first release.  Redesign and re-layout will add additional time.  One revision, within 15 days of publication/acceptance, is included in the package price.

• An upfront fee of $175.00 is required to begin the process.  Until the final payment is received, KISS will own the domain name, website copyright and the web host account.  You will have 10 calendar days after release to evaluate the new site.  Within that time you must either notify KISS of desired changes or accept the site and make the final payment or the site will be taken down and the upfront fee forfeited to KISS.

• Your domain name ownership will be obtained and transferred to you after your acceptance and payment - you will become the legal owner.  A one year new registration fee is included (com, net, org, us, info only domains).  KISS cannot guarantee that the specific name you desire will be available.
Click here or the link above for more information on domain names in the FAQs

• After your acceptance, you will be the customer of record to the web host -- you will take control the service. A one year subscription is included.  KISS will manage your web host account and/or domain name for a small annual fee. 
Click here or the link above for specification of the web hosting service.

• This website will be the standards for comparison for this offer. 

• * “OVERNIGHT” means less than 2-business days from the time your upfront fee clears payment, you have selected/approved your domain name, and provided general content information.  Your “presence” will be considered established when your website comes up on a web browser with an active internet connection after entering your website's URL.  Delays caused by Internic worldwide database update or network problems of the web host may extend the time required for your site to become active worldwide.  Typically the Internic worldwide update is completed in less than 24 hours.  The process is incremental, you will be live in some areas almost immediately.

• If you do not accept the site after release, your upfront fee will be refunded, your website will be taken down from the internet and neither you nor KISS will have any further obligations to the other.  After your acceptance and final payment, ownership of the domain name, web host account, and web site content will be transferred to you.
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